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About Us

Spearheaded by the Nostradamus Award winner Dr.Neelakantan.

Day Astrology is promoted by a sincere team of entrepreneurs with a penchant for numbers and astrology. Our team is passionate and committed towards proliferating astrological services to enhance and empower the lives of every single human being living in this earth.

We sincerely believe that our stars determine our destiny. We are convinced that our stars hold the answers to all the challenges we face in any and every realm of life. We are also convinced that tailor-making our day and lives knowing how our stars are placed will pave way for a happy and contended life in all fronts: professional, personal, and spiritual.

In order to enable the same, we have designed unique products which are a confluence of astrology, technology and a living knowledge of the dimensions of a human's life. We offer four services namely, Daily Reports, Compatibility Reports, Personal Consultations, and Immediate Online Consultations for Specific Questions which you may encounter at different points in your life. Each of our service is customized based on your personal details and designed to provide you with actionable insights.


"I found the reading very helpful in regards to this period of my life, and it gave me hope, too. Thank you."
M. Krishnan
"Words cannot express my joy at the life picture clarity you provided today, a big thank you!"
R. Ramamoorthi
"Thank you for another wonderful astrology session. You always provide incredible insights and seem to be able to intuitively focus, precisely, on whatever one needs to know in the present moment. We will talk again soon."
S. Sridhar, Sai Traders