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At we have designed unique products which are a confluence of astrology, technology and a living knowledge of the dimensions of a human's life.

We offer four services namely, Daily Reports, Compatibility Reports, Personal Consultations, and Immediate Online Consultations for Specific Questions which you may encounter at different points in your life. Each of our service is customized based on your personal details and designed to provide you with actionable insights.

Service Overview

Daily Reports

With our Daily Reports you can plan your day based on which way the stars shine for you on any given day!

Are you looking at investing in the share market or in gold, but wonder if the returns would be high? Are you a professional wanting to know when to schedule your meetings so as to make the outcomes favourable for you? Want to know when to embark on legal disputes so as to emerge victorious? Wonder what kind of a day is in store for you at home? Our Daily Reports are designed to answer all these queries and more! Our daily reports are customized and hence translate into actionable insights. Our personalized daily reports provide an eye-opener on domains of everyday life. These domains include Profession, Health, Investments, Personal Finance, Relationships, Domestic, and Legal. Subscribe to our daily report. Know what the stars hold for you. Plan your day accordingly and flourish!

Compatibility Reports

For prospective business partners, life partners and soulmates!

For any partnership to prosper and proliferate, compatibility between the partners is essential. The horoscopes of individuals will throw light on their compatibility for a business or for a wedding.
If you are embarking on a business with partner/s, use our compatibility reports to have a deeper understanding on the long-term outcomes of your partnership. Is he/she your soul mate? Use our compatibility reports to provide you with insights on how your relationship will pan out.

Online Consultation

To help take crucial lifemaking decisions!

Wonder which streams to choose to study for a glorious career? Should you apply for this job? Will you get a Government offer?
Our ASK service is an entire gamut of questions which assail you at different points in life. Guidance at such junctures would help you in choosing your path and fulfilling your destiny!
Sift through our array of questions, and choose the one confronting you. Enter your personal details and we will give you an answer immediately.

Personal Consultations

Are facing questions or challenges in your life for which the answers have not been covered by our other services? Wish to engage with us and unravel deeper insights into certain realms of your life? Connect to us. Our in-house astrologers will provide you with the answers which you are seeking.